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Frequently Asked Questions about Brooks Free Library's Free WiFi service!
The Brooks Free Library is happy to provide free WiFi (wireless internet). Users are agreeing to comply with our Terms of Service and Internet Use Policy. Users should be aware that the Library does not have a systems staff, nor are library staff members available 24/7 to assist users with problems with their devices settings or connection problems, or to troubleshoot and maintain our wireless network. During peak periods of use, demand may be so high that problems can develop with the service.
How do I connect?
The Library has four access points, "Brooks East", "Brooks Central", "Brooks NF (non-fiction)" and "Brooks West." You may connect to any of these access points. However, it usually isn’t necessary to select an access point. Just open a web browser, and your device should automatically connect to the access point with the strongest signal. 
Where can the wireless service be used?
During library hours, wireless users can find a comfortable seat and log on. Many users enjoy the Mezzanine (in between the first and second floors), while others enjoy the quieter work areas in the stacks. Since many people with vision impairments use our Library, we must ask that laptop users not run power cords across aisles and walkways. We also ask that users be considerate of others and share access to the electrical outlets. Access to the wireless service is also available outside the Library 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Reception may be better along Main St., but is also available on the parking lot side of the building. Try different areas to find the best signal. Users are asked not to use move the cement benches on the parking lot side. They are heavy, and have become chipped as wireless users have moved them. Comfortable seating in Adirondack chairs is available on the Main St. side of the building. Users are also asked not to block access to our Book Drop, and to be considerate of other users.
Can I print when using the wireless service?
No, printing isn’t available from our wireless network. Wireless users can email files to themselves or save files to a disk, CD, or usb device, then use our wired public computers during normal library hours to print.

Can’t get online? 
First, it may sound silly, but be sure your that wireless is enabled on your device. Also check your device settings, enabling or disabling certain settings may have prevented you from connecting automatically to a new wireless network. Connecting to WiFi is device specific, so check your device owner's manual for more assistance. 

Technical Support:
The Library is unable to provide technical support for your device. Staff members will try to assist by providing information on the common problems users experience, but can’t change settings or resolve other technical problems for you.  24/7 service and support for our wireless service is not available. We will try to respond to emails as soon as possible during normal Library hours, but please note that the Library does not have a systems staff and may not be able to respond to your email immediately. Users who continue to experience difficulties with their devices are welcome to use our wired computers during normal operating hours.