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The purpose of this policy is to clarify the types of non-Library materials that will be accepted for the public bulletin board and display area. Posting or distribution of non-Library materials does not indicate endorsement of the content, ideas, issues, events or activities promoted by those materials. This type of information differs from the Library’s formal collection of print and non-print holdings, which are reviewed and selected by Library staff members using professional collection development standards and tools. Staff members may create display and distribution areas in other locations using materials from the Library’s collection and selected non-Library sources.

Passive distribution of non-Library flyers, brochures and other print materials concerning local events, activities, programs and organizations will be allowed in the designated by public bulletin board and display area. Priority will be given to:

1.Library flyers, brochures and materials

2.Materials from Town departments and other government agencies

3.Brochures and flyers for dated local events and publications containing calendars of community events

4.All other publications

Materials will not be accepted from commercial or for-profit organizations or from individuals offering fee for services, for example, home repair services, paid tutors or tutoring services, babysitting, etc. Postings by individuals offering services for a fee, such as home repair, tutoring or babysitting, or that result in the financial gain of an individual, such as auto sales or yard sales, will not be allowed. Materials advertising fund raising activities of local educational, civic and non-profit organizations will be allowed. The Town reserves the right to select items to be displayed or distributed and may not approve otherwise qualified items due to limitations of space or general interest. The Town does not guarantee permanent space to any single publication.

Patrons have the right to enjoy undisturbed use of the Library. Non-passive distribution of non-Library materials, such as handing out materials or engaging or attempting to engage patrons in discussions of the non-Library event, activity, organization or issue will not be allowed. Because it is not consistent with passive distribution, petitions and materials that contain active solicitations such as content advocating letter writing or email campaigns will not be accepted. The Library may periodically distribute our own surveys or those provided by other Town departments, boards and committees. Surveys from other organizations or entities will not be accepted.

Materials for display or passive distribution for non-Library events or organizations will be limited to the public bulletin board and adjacent brochure display holder. Library staff members may select materials about activities for children and youth, parenting and child development for display or distribution in the Youth Services area.


Floor and counter-top displays from Town departments, boards and committees and other government organizations will be accepted if space is available to accommodate the materials. Floor or counter-top displays from non-government organizations will not be accepted. Non-Library flyers, signs, displays or postings are prohibited from being attached to the doors, windows, or exterior of the building or displayed on the Library grounds or on the sidewalks adjacent to the Library.

Library personnel must authorize all posting and distribution before it occurs. Authorization to display materials will be based on the provisions of this policy and will not be based upon the viewpoint or beliefs expressed in the materials. The following items will not be accepted for display or distribution:

  • Materials that promote or oppose any political candidate, ballot measure or that espouse partisan politics.
  • Materials that support or oppose a specific religious conviction.
  • Materials that demean others or promote hostility towards any person or groups.

Display and distribution area space is limited and the following rules apply:

  • Bulletin Board – Announcements may be posted one month prior to an event and will be displayed on a space available basis. Flyers will be limited to 8 ½” by 11”.
  • Distribution Area – Non-profit organizations may provide dated materials for passive distribution in the designated area. A limited number of copies of free publications of local interest may accepted for distribution if they contain local event listings and meet the other criteria established in this policy. The Library cannot provide storage space for non-Library materials and will not accept more than 25 copies of a brochure, pamphlet or other publication at one time. Materials may be rotated for display in accordance with community interest, demand and available space.
  • Materials remaining after posting or distribution will be discarded, as will materials left at the Library without authorization.

Appeal: Any individual or organization denied use of the display and distribution area may appeal the decision of Library staff to the Library Director. Further appeal may be made to the Board of Trustees at their next regularly scheduled meeting.


Approved March 12, 2014 by the Library Board of Trustees