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Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Use and Parking Guidlines
The Trustees support the philosophy that facilities provided with public funds for public purposes should be made available to community groups whose activities are educational, cultural, civic or charitable in nature. Therefore, the Trustees shall permit such organizations to use the library facilities for worthwhile purposes when such purposes will not interfere with the library’s operations or programs.

The Director or designee is authorized to approve and schedule the use of library facilities in accordance with the above statements and in line with the following conditions and exceptions:
1. Programs are to be approved by the Director and be educational, cultural, civic or charitable in nature and must be open to the public.
a. Use of facilities for library purposes (i.e. Friends of the Library, Board of Trustees) shall take precedence over all other uses.
b. Requests by non-profit groups shall take precedence over requests of other than non-profit groups.
c. Use by Harwich sponsored groups shall take precedence over out of town or Cape-wide groups.
d. Library facilities shall not be used for money-raising events sponsored by non-library-related groups except when proceeds are used for charitable, educational or civic purposes.
e. Facilities may be booked by local religious and political groups on the same basis that they are booked by other groups. No outside group or organization will be permitted to use the facilities as their regular meeting place.
f. The Library’s meeting room may not be used by for profit individuals or groups that are using the room to meet potential clients or maintain contact with their clients.
 No use of library facilities shall be permitted for groups who advocate unconstitutional or illegal acts, whose activities are contrary to the best interests of the community and/or to the welfare of its members nor for a function that presents an obvious danger to the safety of persons or property.
2. All bookings are to be made on a first come, first served basis, by signed application at least two weeks and not more than ninety days in advance. Satisfactory identification is to be supplied by the group’s representative. The Library may request verification of an organization’s non-profit status. Requests for use of facilities may be subject to reasonable charges to cover supervision, utilities, clean-up, custodial services, police details, etc. Any exceptions will be by a vote of the Trustees. Decision will be made on a case by case basis.
3. The sponsoring organization is responsible for setting up the room and returning it to its proper condition. Limited kitchen facilities are available and refreshments may be served at the discretion of the Director.No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed in the building or on the grounds at any time. No smoking is permitted in the building or on the grounds at any time.
4. The sponsoring organization shall be responsible for any damage or misuse of the room and/or its equipment. The sponsoring organization is responsible for adherence to all fire, safety and capacity laws and regulations.
The Town of Harwich, the Brooks Free Library, its Board of Trustees, Director, employees and volunteers assume no responsibility for the injury to or loss, theft or damage of any property of any individual, group or organization using the library facilities.
The Board of Trustees of Brooks Free Library establishes the policy regarding the use of library facilities and is the sole authority in interpreting these regulations. The Director has the supervisory responsibility delegated by the Board of Trustees.
Any and all parts of this policy may be revised, modified or amended by the Board of Trustees at any time. Exceptions to the rules concerning the use of library facilities can be made only by a vote of the Board of Trustees.
 Brooks Free Library
Thornton Meeting Room Policy
Modified by the Board of Trustees on August 13, 2003