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Brooks Free Library Gift Policy
Part I. Guidelines on the Acceptance of Books and Other Library Materials
The Brooks Free Library accepts donations of new and used books, magazines, and audio and video recordings, and other library materials. Items not added to the collection will be offered to the Friends of the Brooks Free Library for their book sale.
All gifts to the Library must be clean and in good condition. The Library does not accept materials that contain outdated information, materials in poor condition, textbooks, condensed books or magazines more than two years old.
The Library cannot appraise donated materials. A receipt for the number of items donated will be provided upon request.
Part II. Acceptance of Gifts of Non-Library Materials by Library Personnel
For the purposes of this policy the term "Library personnel” refers to members of the Board of Trustees, paid Library staff, and Library volunteers.
Library services are provided free of charge to all patrons on an equal basis. There can be no perception that some patrons receive preferential treatment based on the gifts they have provided to individual staff members or to the Library staff as a whole. For this reason, while Massachusetts General Law permits public employees to accept gifts valued at less than $50, it is the policy of the Board of Trustees that Library personnel are prohibited from accepting gifts from Library patrons for his or her personal use, no matter how insignificant the value of the gift.
Because of the community atmosphere at the Library, patrons often offer small gifts to Library personnel. This is particularly true around the holidays, when cookies, breads and candy are given by patrons expressing their appreciation for the services we provide. Gifts valued at less than $50 may be accepted provided they are shared with all Library personnel. When accepting such a gift Library personnel must make it clear to the giver that the gift will be shared and not used solely by the person accepting the gift. An item that cannot be easily shared, such as tickets to a concert or play, may be raffled off or used for a Library incentive, such as gift basket for the summer reading program. At no time should Library personnel accept cash except as a donation to the Library Gift Account.
Checks for donations to the Library gift account should be made out to the Brooks Free Library Gift Account. Donors wishing to designate a particular purpose for which they would like the money to be used should do so in writing so that no misunderstandings develop.

Adopted by the Brooks Free Library Board of Trustees on Feb. 15, 2007