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Patron Behavior Policy
In order to protect all library users’ right of access to library facilities, to ensure the safety of users and staff, and to protect library resources and facilities from damage, the Trustees of Brooks Free Library approve the following policy regarding to patron behavior.
When the behavior of a patron constitutes a disruption which interferes with the use of the Library by other patrons or staff members in carrying out his/her duties, the following steps will be taken:
  1. A verbal warning will be issued. If the behavior does not cease, the patron will be asked to leave.
  2. If the patron refuses to leave, inform him/her that the police will be called.
  3. Call the police. (Dial 9-911)
  4. If the patron is an unaccompanied juvenile, the child’s parents will be called in lieu of the police.
  5. A patron who repeatedly fails to conform to behavior standards may be denied access to the Library permanently.
  6. Any time a staff member feels that a patron’s behavior threatens the safety of other patron or staff members, the staff member in charge will call the police immediately.
Disruptive Behavior
The following are examples of behavior that may be considered disruptive:
  • Smoking
  • Excessive noise
  • Sleeping
  • Running
  • Abuse of library, materials, building, furnishings
  • Consuming food or beverage in non-designated areas
  • Unwelcome attention or interaction with library patrons or staff
  • Unauthorized commercial activity
  • Use of cell phone in non-designated areas
Unaccompanied Children
Library staff cannot be responsible for the safety of unaccompanied/unsupervised children, although they must intervene if they perceive a threat to any child. Unaccompanied children who require assistance should be given to the care of the appropriate agency. The staff member in charge should notify the police if a child is in (non-medical) distress and a parent cannot be reached. The staff member in charge should call the Fire Department/paramedics if an unaccompanied minor child appears to need immediate medical assistance.
Patrons may not bring animals into the library, other than assistance animals that have received appropriate training and are accompanying a patron with a recognized disability. Patrons may not leave animals unaccompanied and tied to doorways, railings, fences, or other fixtures on the Library grounds.

Approved by Board of Trustees January 12,2000
Modified April 12, 2006