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Meeting Room - Instructions For Users

Initial Request for Information/Application Procedures:
Staff members will respond to requests for information about the Meeting Room use, equipment available and check requested dates to see if the room is already booked. The staff member will then give the sponsor the Meeting Room application and ask that he/she read the attached information & instruction sheet and complete the application. When the application is complete, the staff member will place the application in the Public Services Librarian's mailbox. The Public Services Librarian will put the meeting on the calendar if/when it is approved, and notify the requestor.
Check the program calendar to see if the requested date is available. Read the Meeting Room Policy and  Directions for Use. Fill out the Thorton Room- Application For Use Form and hit Submit. The Public Services Librarian will put the meeting on the calendar if or when it is approved and contact the requestor.
Access Prior to the Library Opening:
Use of the Thornton Room may be requested on days the Library is open beginning at 10 am. Users will not be able to access the room until 10 am; therefore, if they would like time to set up prior to the meeting, they will need to start their meeting later than 10 am (for ex: at 10:15).
Access After the Library closes:
Sponsors of events which will finish after the library is closed are responsible to be here at least one half hour before the library closes to check out the keys and review closing procedures with a staff member. Please remind users to test the outside door to the meeting room to ensure it is latched shut before leaving the room and to shut off the lights in the room. Please demonstrate how the lock bar works and ask users to test the doors to the parking lot from the outside after they've left to make sure it is latched closed.

Access of Days the Library is Closed:
Our custodian is not here on days we are closed. A staff member is required to come in and turn off the security alarms, and turn on the elevator, stair lights and HVAC system. The current union contract calls for an hourly rate of $30 per hour for a 2-hour minimum for this custodial service.

Other accommodations for meetings/events:
Sponsors may rearrange the furniture any way they would like, but are responsible for returning it to the original configuration when they are finished, and for cleaning up after themselves. This will help us avoid charging a custodial fee
updated May 2012