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Brooks Free Library Fees
State law stipulates that public libraries will may not charge for normal library services.

There are no charges for loaning of materials, use of computers, attendance at programs, or for research time or for printing materials in response to a reference question.

Two vendor-owned copiers are available with a charge of 15 cents per page. (Note: The Library receives free staff use of the copier. We do not collect revenues or expend funds on supplies, leasing, purchasing or repairing copiers.)
Public Printing
Patrons are charged $.15 per page, with the first three pages printed for free. Funds collected are deposited in the general fund and cover the costs incurred. Without a full time monitor to collect fees or an investment in expensive print management software, this is the most cost effective method of recouping the costs associated with public printing.
Lost materials
Replacement costs are charged and deposited to the general fund.
Meeting Room Use
The Thornton Room is available for community groups when use won't interfere with Library operations. Providing public gathering space is a basic component of the "Commons” service response in our Long Range Plan. No extra charges are incurred or additional services rendered when a group meets on a day the Library's open. This differs from other Town facilities that have custodial staffing to set-up and rearrange furniture and clean between meetings. At the end of a meeting, users pick up after themselves and return the room to its original configuration. A grille inside the lobby allows evening access the Thornton Room, but not the rest of the Library. Users check out a key and secure the building when the meeting ends. The room's security alarm comes on automatically for the night. On days the Library is closed and a staff member would be needed to disarm the security alarm and turn on the elevator, additional costs would be incurred, so the Board of Trustees voted in October 2005 to charge the custodial fee specified in the union contract (currently $30.38 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum).